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August 21, 2021

Renniger’s Camp, Mt. Dora

In attendance were 32 muskets, one buglar, one Sgt. Major and six officers. Instruction began at 9:30 and ended at 12:45. It must be stated that every drill instructor took their assignment seriously, exceeded expectations and should be commended.

Sgt. Doyka was first by demonstrating 14 selected bugle calls. He was called upon throughout the morning drill to repeat as many as practical.

Sgt. Bocken then addressed "Military Protocol" including an understanding of rank, proper salute and 1860’s etiquette. His research into the manuals was evident and very informative. Chaplain Paul Howerton and Larry French enlightened the group with a comical skit focused on farbism, but ended by reinforcing our mission statement of respecting the history and those soldiers of long ago by maintaining a high level of accuracy.

Captain Turnbull formed the unit and did a splendid job instructing the soldiers correct facing details. Captain Porterfield, with the assistance of Gavin Thomas, provided instruction on the Manual of Arms.

Lt. Col. Kearney then marched the unit into the field and performed a series of often-used company-level marching commands. Drill concluded with a brief School of the Battalion instruction by dividing the unit into two segments, marcing by a column of platoons then forming a battle line.

Finally, the Brigade's Fastest Runner was determined to be Carlos Pineiro, a private in Captain Porterfield’s 8th Florida. The Fastest Shooter was Nathan Rost, a corporal in Captain Turnbull’s 37th Alabama, who fired three rounds in 59.6 seconds. It is important to note that the contestants were required to draw ramrods, pack their cartridges and return ramrods. Going forward, the winners will display their plaques on their tents and accept challengers. 

This Camp of Instruction had a favorable effect on the soldiers. At the first opportunity, another Camp will be organized with the intention of making it an entire weekend. As with this Camp, every soldiers in every organization will be invited. There is strength and realism in numbers.

This concludes my report. A film highlighting the Camp is forthcoming.

With appreciation for all participants, 

I humbly remain your servant,

Lt. Col Clay Kearney

Film Available: