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March 29, 1861 (+160)

Camp Near Fort Gatlin


Please accept this report as my recollection for the recent engagement at Narcoossee Mills.

The Confederate Army was commanded by Colonel Fred Jakobson and had good representation from most camps in the state: Hardy’s Brigade, Department of the Gulf, PACS, and the Pawnee Guards (Straw Hats). I am pleased to report, Sir, that all camps were equal participants in contributing to the success of the engagement. Saturday began with the DOG (Lt. Evans) running the Morning Parade and ending with PACS (Lt. Col Kohl) offering a Final Salute. Sunday began with Hardy (Major Dorr) running the Morning Parade and ending again with Kohl offering the Final Salute.

The US Army was commanded by Colonel Andrew Shogren and was represented by Captain Turnbull’s 7th Illinois and Captain King’s 75th Ohio. Galvanizers were supplied by Captain Alonzo’s 2nd Florida on Saturday and Lt. Col. Kohl’s PACS Battalion on Sunday.

The skirmish Friday night was a hot fire that lasted longer and covered more ground than was anticipated. Alonzo’s 2nd Florida challenged the combined forces of Boyce’s Straw Hats and Captain Sheridan’s cavalry. The battle raged on for more than 30 minutes and covered the entire battlefield, ending in the tree line east of the Federal camp. Although the Boyce/Sheridan forces were outnumbered, they successfully divided Alonzo’s force and the ensuing battles ended in a stalemate. In the closing minutes, Lt. Col. Kearney nearly lost his life as Captain Sheridan bolted in his direction with revolver drawn, and within 10 paces fired … but his ammunition has expired.

Saturday’s battle began at 1:55 PM with skirmishers fighting directly in front of the spectators and ended at 2:45 PM with a fierce battle in the same location. The battlefield was covered with slain soldiers leaving the spectators with a very realistic image.

Sunday’s battle offered the same result. Although Colonel Shogren’s army was greatly outnumbered, he defended his position with valor and by dividing his forces, allowed the battle to rage directly in front of the spectators. The battle ended with the Federal fort being overrun by the combined forces of Lt. Evans and Captain Boyce charging the fort and capturing it.

Sirs, I look forward to our next engagement. This concludes my report.

Respectfully submitted,

Lt. Col. C. Kearney

Battalion Commander