August 22, 1862 (+160)

Florida Brigade HQs

Dear Florida Re-enactors,

This report summarizes the recent Joint Camp of Instruction conducted August 20, 2022 at Renniger’s in Mt. Dora.

I am pleased to report over 50 participants, North and South from different organizations, attended. Instruction began at 9:30 AM and concluded at 2 PM.

Instructors took their assignments seriously and did a masterful job of sharing their knowledge. The Instructors and their topics were as follows:

1) Pvt. Larry French - Soldier in Camp

2) Mrs. Genie Strazucci and Mrs. Lizzie Rutherford - Etiquette and Civilian Interaction

3) Chaplain Paul “Chap” Howerton - Role of a Chaplain

4) 1st Sgt. Adam Bocken - Basics of Guard Duty

5) Colonel Andrew Shogren - Military Organization and Protocol

6) Major Tom Van Dyke - Artillery Basics

7) Captain Alan Turnbull - Manual of Arms

8) Captain Wayne Alonzo - Forming a Company

The primary focus of the Camp was Camp Life and understanding the time period and how we might bring this knowledge to our re-enactments to enhance our time-travel experience.  The information presented was very encompassing with much detail. A film has been produced and added to our archives highlighting the Camp. It can be viewed in its entirety at

A special thank you is extended to General Mike Hardy for securing the location for the second year. This concludes my report.

Looking forward to our next camp and keeping history alive,

I remain your servant,

Col. Clay Kearney

Florida Brigade