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2nd Florida Journey Begins Jul-Aug 1861

2nd Florida Journey Sept-Oct 1861

2nd Florida Journey Oct-Nov 1861

2nd Florida Journey Nov-Dec 1861

2nd Florida Journey Jan-Feb 1862

2nd Florida Journey Mar-Apr 1862

2nd Florida at Gettysburg

2nd Florida Gettysburg Flag

2nd Florida History - “Rear Guard of the Confederacy”

2nd Florida Role at Sharpsburg

2nd Florida Uniform Report

• American Civil War Chronicles - DAY BY DAY

Battle of Chancellorsville

Battle of Fort Myers

Battle of Fredericksburg

Battle of Santa Rosa Island - Oct. 8-9, 1861

Battle of Second Manassas (Animated)

Battle of Shilou

Battle of Spotsylvania

Cadet Grey Discussion by Logan Davis

Camp of Instruction

Camp Layout for Infantry

Campaigner’s Manifesto - Col. Nicky Hughes

Canteens/Cookware - How to line with Pine Tar

Causes of the Civil War - by Wayne Alonzo

Civil War Regimental Staff

Civil War Caps - Federal

Civil War Digital Digest

Civil War Richmond (prisons, maps, photos, hospitals,)

Civil War News (a very good periodical)

Civil War Teachers Guide

Color Guard, School of the

Columbus Depot Jackets - compliments Civil War Digital Digest

Confederate "General" Julius Howell Recalls the 1860s

Confederate Impression Example

Confederate Equipment

Confederate Commutation System

Confederate Uniforms

Cotton in the Civil War

Civil War Digital - Diaries, Campaigns ... great resource!

Diary of a Union Woman in the South (Dorothy Richards Miller)

Diary of Horatio Taft

Diary of Mary Boykin Chesnut

Diary of Sarah Morgan

Dress Parade - complete instructions

• Dress Parade - a brief description by Leonidas Jones

• Dwight D. Eisenhower in Defense of Robert E. Lee

Etiquette of the 1860s

Eyeglasses - Spectacles Information

Eyeglasses - Comprehensive article

Federal Hats

Florida Civil War Heritage Trail - Book

Florida’s Civil War Letters

Florida's Confederate Guerillas: J.W. Pearson and the Oklawaha Rangers

Florida's Role in the Civil War

Florida Reenactor News Here!

Florida Skirmishers and Battles

Gilham vs. Hardee - History of the Manuals

Gilham vs. Hardee Detailed Differences

Guards - From U S Regulations

Hardy’s Manual - 1862

• Hardy's - Inspection Arms and Stacking Demonstration

• Hardy's - Load in Nine Times Demonstration

Harper’s Weekly - Complete Collection

Headgear, Non-Military 1840-1870

History of Reenacting

How to Buy, Pack and Cook

How to Make a Civil War Pipe Kit

How to Salute

Improve Your Impression 1

Improve Your Impression 2

Kautz NCO Manual

Last salute of the Army of Northern Virginia (Chamberlain/Gordon)

Leather Care in the 19th Century

Lee's Mistakes at Gettysburg

Life in a Civil War Camp - Firsthand Description

Life of a Civil War Soldier in Camp - Excellent Narrative

Library of Civil War Photos

Manuals - Comparison of Hardy's, GIlliams, Kautz and Casey

Memoir of Capt. C Steton Fleming of the Second Florida Infantry, CSA

Mt. Dora Tactical Documentation - Jan. 29, 2022

Mosby’s 1863 Raid on Fairfax Courthouse

Official Records of the War of the Rebellion

One of Jackson’s Foot Cavalry - a book by John H. Worsham

Otter Creek 2021 - After-Action Report by Larry French

Outpost Reenacting

• Overview of the American Civil War

Peninsula Campaign - 1862

P.I.E. Manual [Parade, Inspection and Evolution of Infantry Battalion]

Porcelain Use - Is it Authentic?

Quotes from Stonewall Jackson

Rebel Yell - A Short Story by Joshua Provan

Rebel Yell by Confederate Veterans #1

Rebel Yell by Confederate Veterans #2

Rebel Yell Instructions for Reenactors

Reconstruction - The Politics and the People

Reminisciences of Forts Sumter and Moultrie - Abner Doubleday

REST! REST! REST! by Mark (Silas) Tackitt

Review of a Battalion of Infantry

Richmond Depot Type II - compliments Civil War Digital Digest

Richmond Depot Jackets - compliments the LIberty Rifles

Robert E. Lee on Slavery

School of the Battalion - Forming the Battalion

Sentinels, Duty of

Slouch Hats - a Study by Logan Davis

Soldiers in Camp

Soldier's Food - The authentic way to do it

Speaking Like a Soldier

Tin Cup vs Mucket?

Uniform Comparison of Floridians in ANV vs AOT - Jonathan Yonce

• Uniforms - Adolpheus Confederate Uniforms

Willard Hotel in Washington - Where Horatio Taft frequented 1861-65


What was it like to be a Civil War Soldier?

Florida Secession Flag - Adopted on January 13, 1861 by the Military Department of the Republic of Florida