2nd Florida HQs

Vicinity of Fort Gatlin

This report summarizes recent actions at the Parrish Depot Oct. 2 and 3, 2021.

Soldiers present were:

2nd Florida, Captain Wayne Alonzo commanding with 18 muskets (3 from Porterfield’s 8th Florida)

7th Illinois, Captain Alan Turnbull with 7 muskets

75th Ohio, Captain Barry King commanding with 13 muskets (7 from a Marine unit)

An Artillery crew with a 3-inch Howitzer

A rigorous schedule added living history demonstrations to the usual skirmish activities. As spectators were buying tickets and boarding the train, they witnessed Captain Turnbull’s unit demonstrating Fire-In-Nine-Times concluding with an execution. Concurrently, Captain Alonzo’s unit (commanded by Sgt. Tom Dye) demonstrated marching and drilling maneuvers while Captain Alonzo operated a Recruiting Station. In the Federal camp, Captain Barry King created a living history exhibit. These activities were repeated for both Saturday battles and the first one on Sunday and well received by the spectators. As the schedule was very rigorous, the men were given a reprieve from these demonstrations for the forth and final Sunday battle.

For both days, the Federals boarded the train in the morning and the Confederates in the afternoon. The grounds at the station have been much improved offering a very large area for skirmishing. This newly discovered battlefield area was not used to its fullest potential but offers good potential for future events. At the crossroads, all obstacles were removed making it difficult to design creative scenarios. The improvisions were successful, however, with Captain King demanding (unsuccessfully) the Confederates immediate surrender on one occasion and a return of all prisoners (unsuccessfully) on another. In both scenarios, it was buglar, Sgt. Ron Doyka, who ended his life (twice) with a pistol shot.

When the roles were reversed, the Confederates utilized the entire crossroads battlefield with pockets of resting solders in one scenario and staged an execution in the second. In both scenarios, the Confederates were annihilated by the Federals.

Sgt. Andrew Sealing and Pvt. Logan Davis are to be congratulated for winning the FASTEST SHOOTER and FASTEST RUNNER, respectively. Both champions are in the 2nd Florida, and will most assuredly be challenged at the upcoming Ocklawaha engagement.

The Train Museum combined with Captain King’s supervision, supplied the troops with everything needed for a successful event. We had an additional treat of a continual breeze all weekend. Personally, I look forward to returning next year. This concludes my report.

With great anticipation for the upcoming Ocklawaha engagement,

I humbly remain your servant,

Lt. Col. C Kearney