An Authentic Re-enacting Unit Located in Florida, fighting as the Florida Brigade when gray, and the 2nd Wisconsin when blue.

We support Hardy's Brigade, Florida Battalion, Liberty Guards, PACS and 4th Brigade US.

And the 2nd Wisconsin of the Iron Brigade

          elcome! You are visiting this site because you are fascinated with the American Civil War. We are currently following the 160th Anniversay events and invite you to join us! You can do that in two ways: 1) Click on the READ HERE every day and enjoy the history or 2) Join us in camp and experience the war first-hand. We have loaner gear and will be honored to get you started. Thank you for visiting and God Bless America and God Bless our history.



Battle of Resaca - May 17-19, 2024

Join us as we follow the 160th Anniversary of

America's War Between the States!

2nd Florida Volunteer Infantry

Company E, The Hammock Guards


A Decade Ago ...

The 2nd Florida, Co. E