Of Battle

2nd FL



Greetings From Lieutenant General R. M. Hardy:

In the Spring of 1993, I was serving our great cause as the captain of the 37th Alabama. At that time my most trusted advisor came to me with the request to start a brigade. The brigade was born and became Hardy's Brigade of Florida. From the beginning, we all agreed to have a mainstream, family-friendly organization. We strive to have high authenticity standards and military protocol. We also strive for each company to be independent, to have its own identity and run the company as the members see fit. These standards are still in place today.

This year my most trusted advisors have come to me with the idea of forming a division. This new organization will be called Hardee's Corp. It is nationwide and still carries the same founding principles we started with. We extend membership invitations to any groups that are family- oriented and which strive to be as authentic as possible.

We are not politically affiliated with any other organization, nor do we tolerate “re-enactor” politics within our own organization. Our respective units host scores of events across the South. We attend not only those events, but also other regional and national events. We attend each event with a spirit of corporation and willingness to work with others.

We have come a long way in 29 years, and I am very proud of all our men and women.

I extend my thanks to all.

Lt. General R.M.Hardy